About me



...if somebody had told me 10 years ago, that I would be a spiritual seeker one day, and even one, who expresses this spirituality as a singer – I would have called him a madman! At this time, I didn't think about the importance of looking inwards to become a complete being. Instead I confined my search for happiness to mere outward things, like it's quite usual.

My life took a completely different direction, when I met my spiritual master Ganesha in 2006, who put me in touch with the system of integral yoga. I was one of his disciples until summer 2014.

About two years later after I first met Ganesha, I discovered the path of devotion for myself and started to sing Bhajans with guitar-backing. Till that time, I didn't have had a special reference for chanting. But I noticed that chanting mantras opened me in a very emotional way – since that time, my feelings were accessible for me initially, even when I didn't sing. Chanting became a medium, to express the deepness of my feelings. When I am chanting mantras, for me some kind of intimacy arises. It's something that couldn't be expressed in another way.

Beyond that, I realized chanting to be a way, to connect myself with the Divine, whithout clinging myself only to a narrow belief system. Whoever totally devotes himself to the chant und forgets about hisself, may experience, that there is no individual „I“ that sings. You observe, that you „are getting sung“ and the concept of being the actor ceases, although your body is active.

Although the mantras, which are sung in our community, are mainly from India, again and again, I'm having positive experiences with the chants of other religions and traditions, especially with the music of the sufis and the christian chants of Taizé. It's not about being part of a certain belief-system, but each of these traditions has its own „taste“, which emerges particularly in its chants. This taste can be a great help to get in intimate contact with the divine.

Chanting doesn't serve as distraction – you are only focused on HIM, who actually is not different from your own supreme self. Nothing else matters. It's not important to comprehend every single word you sing. It has nothing to do with the reasonable mind, which has to be put to silence and vacate it's leading position in our life - at least for a while.

Your chanting doesn't have to be flawless – for the divine beloved, it will sound beautiful, if it's flowing like a warm current from your heart and if every word feels as sweet as nectar on your lips.